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Lime.tt, what can we say? Our name says it all. But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to learn more, so dig in:

Our Name

“Lime” is synonymous with all things TRINI, if you’re a Trini–or know a Trini–you probably hear the word lime about a dozen times a day (at least!). That’s why nothing better could represent our brand, and we think you’ll agree. Our media message, “Where the real Limers go in Trinbago!” strives to embody the essence of Trinidad & Tobago, and the Caribbean at large.

Our People

Lime.tt is made up of experts in the fields of Design, IT, Telecommunications Engineering, Marketing & Promotions, Social Media Marketing, Insurance & Sales, Photography, Video Production and LIMING. With years of North American and European experience, as well as being proud born-and-bred Trinis, we hope to provide all Trinis–whether at home or abroad–a quality service, good vibes, and a true love for what we do & our people. Our collaborative partners also bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and energy to the table which puts us at an advantage over any other providers that may exist.

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SMS Service

In January 2011 we launched our SMS Service; by texting “LIME” to 1 (868) 748-5055 you’ll get a text of ALL events happening that week. Whereas others would charge a hefty per-use fee for such a service, we’re offering it for free–you pay the cost of a regular SMS to whoever your service provider may be, we don’t take a cent.


As you may have heard, the cornerstone of our website is reviews; bars, lounges, restaurants–you name it. We do our best to give an unbiased opinion and let the average guy on the street know what to expect at any given spot. We take into account the aesthetics, the staff, the food, the drinks, and the vibe. What’s the price of beer? We got you covered, it’s one of our standard bits of info collected for any location, which we’ve found to be a good indicator of price at-a-glance.

The Future

We hope you like what we’re trying to do, and make Lime.tt the last place you check before you grab that wallet & keys. If there’s anything you think we could be doing better, please drop us a line–we’re serious when we say we value your feedback. We feel we owe it to Trinbago to live up to our name, and that’s exactly what we plan to do.

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